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What to expect

Before the consultation you will be asked to fill out two health questionnaires and a 6 food diary that will be emailed to you. I have them both in English and in Swedish. During the first consultation we’ll thoroughly discuss your health/medical history and goals and try to identify the underlying causes and triggers for your symptoms. I will draw up your individually tailored Health & Nutrition Protocol for you to follow until the next time we meet. It will most likely include dietary changes, recommendations of high quality supplements, lifestyle suggestions and often a hospital blood test. I also have private labs that can be sent abroad for analysis.

It is common that a person comes for an initial consultation and 3-6 follow-up sessions over the course of a year. It is important to remember that Nutrition & Lifestyle medicine is not a quick fix and it can take a long time to improve or resolve symptoms and pain. It’s also important to have realistic expectations especially if you’ve had chronic or autoimmune health problems for many years or decades – it’s unfortunately not uncommon to have permanent degenerative tissue damage. Having said that, I will always do my utmost best to try and make you as well as I possibly can.

I am sorry to say but due to very high demand I am fully booked for the remaining of this year. I still have a few appointments available in January and haven’t yet opened up any times for February. In order to help more people I have started working with other nutritional therapists with university degrees from the UK – we aim to keep the level of education top notch. I will guide and coach them in their work and make sure that the quality of the consultations remain high. I do have a waiting list so please email and sign up to that or book in with one of the other therapists. I am also the co-owner of Nordic Wellth – a start up that will launch next year. This is a tech based nutrition platform that will facilitate and offer consultations and products relating to the consultation process, wellness and health. Stay tuned for more info about this project!

“Note: health recommendations for nutritional support do not replace ongoing medical conditions or treatments; are not intended as a substitute for conventional medical care; and any acute health concerns that you have should be discussed with your doctor”

Jag är svensk men har fortfarande inte översatt min hemsida till svenska….Ifall ni vill komma i kontakt med mig så kan ni såklart skriva på svenska.

Kostnad: en första konsultation varar ca 1 timme och 45 minuter och kostar 3000 kr. Uppföljnings-konsultationer kostar 1500 kr och varar ca 50 minuter. Detta pris inkluderar moms men inga tester. Ett utförligt blodprov kostar oftast mellan 1300-1800 kr.

Jag gör inga webbaserade initialkonsultationer utan alla möten sker i kliniken. Bor du däremot långt bort från Stockholm så brukar uppföljningar ske per telefon.

Jag praktiserar vid Odenplan i Stockholm. Kliniken heter Odenplans Integrerade Hälsoklinik och ligger på Upplandsgatan 38, vån 4.

Vill ni boka en konsultation vänligen fyll i nedan formulär. Jag har tyvärr inte tid att pratas vid i telefon innan bokningar och lyssnar heller inte av min telefonsvarare…..maila gärna.

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